Advertising with Eclipse Magazine


Did you know that Racegoers spend £1.5 Billion each year on
products and services just like YOURS?


Racegoers spend about £248 million each year on transport, accommodation, food & drink, hair & beauty, and other local services.
PLUS a further £1.25 billion on their racing lifestyle – including outfits, picnic gear, gifts and other related items.

Would you like them to spend some of that with your business?

Seven benefits of advertising with Eclipse Magazine

  1. There are 70 ‘Big Race Days’ each year, where  2.1 million men and 1.4 million women will spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes, food & drink, hair & beauty, transport, and the list goes on. Those people are our Readers.
  2. People who come to our site already have a clear idea of their needs. When you talk directly to our readers, you are talking to ready buyers. 
  3. Advertising with us means people associate you with racing, facilitating great brand alignment.
  4. If your product is something that our readers might need for a racing day out, they are highly likely to be interested in it.
  5. We are considered to be Twitter Influencers and employ a specialist Facebook Advertising Agency. If our Social Media followers read about your products, they are extremely like to value our recommendation and will take more interest in your products as a result.
  6. Your promotional content is automatically sent through all of our social media channels, meaning that you get more ‘bang for your buck’.
  7. Because we focus on promoting only relevant advertisers, we provide a filter for our readers – this means that your products will always stand out, rather than being buried in a mass of producers on less niche websites.

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