Product Placement


£50 admin fee – including for seasonal guides (e.g. Christmas Guide)

Please see our advance editorial planner. If you see a forthcoming article that you would like your product or service to be included in, please contact us asap so we can include you in our planning.


  • Inclusion in main image montage
  • 1 x smaller photo used at size per editor’s discretion. Image may be resized, cropped, angled or cutout by editorial (usually for main image montage). Supply PNG cutout or JPEG preferably on white background, at 900 x 900 pixels, 72dpi
  • 50–100 words product description, to include price, name of product and name of supplier.This will be edited to suit the style of the article
  • 1 x hyperlink to product/supplier
  • The articles will be included in our monthly e-magazine to subscribers
  • The articles will be promoted through our social media channels
  • We will SEO article to your keywords and publish on Home Page (when rst posted) as well as in relevant category
  • Article remains published for one year.  Articles remain at the editor’s discretion and we aim to provide the best information for our readers at all times.Therefore products will be accepted on their merits and no preview of the article will be available, you waive the right to approve the final article and your product may be featured alongside similar (i.e. competitors). However, we also endeavour to keep our suppliers happy so we will never include derogatory content and will aim to present your product in the best light possible according to the style of the article. Admin fee will only be charged if products are used.